1. Payment Terms

Since the product we make is custom, we require 50% payment at the time of order, balance paid when we are ready to ship. If final payment is not made with 5 days of notification of order ready for shipment the initial down payment is forfeited.

We use PayPal Secure Server to process the payment transaction by sending you an invoice to pay.  You can pay using PayPal or the credit card of your choice.  The best part about this is that we never see your credit card number!

If you wish to pay with a check, that isn’t a problem, however, we cannot start the job until your check has cleared.

2. What Are Your Turnaround Times?

We produce orders on a first in, first out basis.  We will always let you know the current turnaround times as soon as you place your order.

3. What Happens If I Get My Order And There Is An Error In The Artwork Or Numbering?

We make every effort to double check order information and our quality control should catch any error before the order ships. In the rare instance where the mistake is on our end, we will gladly replace the item(s) at our cost as soon as possible.

If the mistake was not made on our end and you want us to correct the mistake, you will be responsible to paying the shipping to/from us, as well as the cost to remedy the error.

4. Can I Get A Sample?

Unfortunately, we don’t sell our samples.

5. Why Do The Colors In My Digital Art Proof Look Off On My Screen?

Due to the limitations and the relative inconsistencies of various display monitors, the colors you see on your screen may not be a totally accurate reproduction of the actual product. We strive to make our colors as accurate as possible, but screen images are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as absolutely correct. If you would like to order a PHYSICAL art proof, please call us, and one can be sent for a $125.00 proof fee.

6. I Want To Use A Specific Color.  Can You Do This?

Yes. We use the PMS Solid Coated color palette. If you wish to use a specific PMS color, please provide us the corresponding PMS number.  Also, you should be aware that PMS colors may show a slight variation on our different materials compared to the printed color. This is the nature of dying fabric and is something that we do not have control over.

7How Do I Get A Digital Art Proof Of My Custom Item?  Is It Free?

When we first started out, we did art proofs for clients, only to have some go to other companies to have their products made.  Thus, we were basically doing people’s artwork for free, so, we stopped doing them without a commitment, which is a minimum payment of 50% for your order. We do provide preliminary artwork with watermarks included on the artwork.

8. What Is Your Return Policy?

Due to the custom nature of the products we manufacture or decorate, we do not accept returns for any reason other than the rare mistake on our part, or, workmanship defects.

Please be certain that all sizes, colors, logo, numbers, names, etc. are correct.

If you are not sure, please do not hesitate in contacting us.  We are always happy to speak to our clients and answer any questions you may have.

9. Do I have to collect my team’s money or can individuals pay Next Season’s Jerseys?

While lump sum payment is the easiest way to pay for an order we are willing to accept orders from each of your team members via our website.  We do require in that situation that orders are paid in full by each individual. A special order page would be established on our website to place the orders. We ask that you provide team members name and email address so we can notify them of this option if applicable.

10. What does it cost to get jerseys made?

There are no list prices for the uniforms we create. each jersey we make is different and so is the pricing. Prices depend on the design, number of jerseys ordered and artwork. Artwork setup charges never exceed $ 25.00 and usually are less.

11. What customization options are available for my garment?

You can add individual names, numbers, custom text and logos to any of the large range of high quality sports shirts offered by Next Season’s Jersey’s.